Mother Baby Bench

This 6′ x 2′ x 3′ bench sits outside of the New Mother Baby Center that links Children’s Hospital with Abott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The bottom is made from a single block of Mankato limestone and the back is made of painted cast iron and forged steel. Continue reading

Water of the Doodem Spirits

1113 Franklin Avenue E, Minneapolis, MN Based on the Native and Meso–American idea of Turtle Island, where land emerges from infinite waters upon the back of a turtle, this granite drinking fountain features a stylized fish, a turtle spouting water, … Continue reading

Paisley Perch

Paisley Perch 52” x 102” x 20” Mankato limestone 2005 Commissioned by Minnesota Rocks! International Stone Carving Symposium, for the City of Saint Paul. On the corner of Jessamine and Lexington. Installed with assistance of Saint Paul Public Works Saint … Continue reading