The Process

Peter Morales works with you and other stakeholders to create large-scale 3D works that are visually striking, invite community interaction and evoke playfulness. He consults with engineers and other experts as needed to ensure the quality of each project. The outline below shows the process for commissioning large-scale 3D works. For smaller projects, the process is similar and more streamlined.

Stage 1: Discovery

The first step in commissioning a work in 3D is to make an appointment for the Commissioning Agent to meet with Peter Morales in person to discuss the potential project. Who is the Commissioning Agent? Anyone who has the authority to represent the group pursuing a project. To request an appointment: Call 651-253-4907 or complete the form on the Commission a Project page.

Considerations for larger commissions

  • What attracts you to Balam Studios for this project?
Options and Requirements
  • What are the site location options?
  • Is it an indoor or an outdoor work?
  • Is it to be viewed in the round or is it a wall piece?
  • Who will have access to it and how?
  • Is it primarily to be viewed or will people be able to interact with it?
  • What kind of space will it create?
  • What functional elements might be incorporated into the project?
  • Who has a stake in this project?
  • Why have you conceived the need for this project?
  • What themes do you envision being addressed?
  • Is a presentation of the design documents and maquettes required for stakeholders? Which stakeholders will be present?
  • What is the budget range for the project?
  • What are the funding options?

General Scope Agreement

A written agreement outlining the General Scope of the project will be completed and signed to mark the end of the Discovery Stage.

Stage 2: Design

Preliminary Design STEPS

  1. You receive an estimate for the initial Design.
  2. If agreeable, Peter Morales renders the following for you:
    1. conceptual drawings
    2. 3D maquettes
    3. samples of materials to be used
  3. Peter Morales meets with Commissioning Agent and Stakeholders to present the Preliminary Design. You will also receive an invoice at this time for the Preliminary Design.

Detailed Design (if needed)

If substantial changes to the design are needed, then Peter Morales will create an estimate for a Detailed Design. If agreeable, Peter will:
  • Create a detailed design with more elaborate drawings, including detailed plans and views as needed.
  • Consult an engineer as needed.
  • Update 3D maquette as needed.

Approved Designs & Construction Budget Agreement

A written agreement regarding approved designs and the construction budget will be established to mark the end of the Design Stage. Construction Budget includes:
  • materials cost
  • licenses and permits
  • engineering
  • testing
  • conservation and other necessary expert consultation cost
  • labor
One third of the agreed upon construction budget is due before work can begin, unless materials cost requires a larger payment.

Stage 3: Construction

Need to describe the nature of the work here. Images and video can enhance the words Stage 3 Deliverables: 3D Work Installed To mark the end of the Construction Stage the following will occur:
  • Site preparation including footings and anchoring systems
  • Art work completed and transported to the site
  • Installation and clean up
A second payment is due during construction, usually for the second third of the Construction Budget. Upon completion of the Construction Stage, the final payment for the project is due.

Stage 4: Public Presentation

Peter Morales gladly participates in ribbon cutting ceremonies by special arrangement.

Get Started!

To request an appointment: Call 651-253-4907 or complete the form on the Commission a Project page.